Tang.3d is a tool I developed, together with Konstantinos Frantzis, during a 2 day project at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (www.ciid.dk). This tool is designed to create 3d shapes in an easy, simple and understandable way. The user can adjust the hight of red spheres that are placed in a grid. The spheres that are lowered down from the grid are detected by a normal webcam using precise color detection. The red spheres are used to create the 3d model, the blue spheres work as a counter weight and do not have another function. Every detected sphere will be assigned its x,y and z position in space and in this way converted to a vertex. These vertices then will be digitally connected by lines and faces to create 3d models. These models can be exported to any 3d modeling software and be 3d printed.


The user gets real time feedback about its actions on a screen in 4 views: the camera view, a view of the detected vertices connected by lines and two 3d-view about the model created rotating about the x and y axis.


By converting 3d modeling from a graphical user interface (GUI) to a tangible user interface the creation of model becomes more comprehendible by non-experts in the field of object design. Users can actually touch and walk around the 3d model while creating it. By viewing the vertices from different perspectives it easy to get an actual idea about how the 3d model will look like.